All You Need To Know About The Lebanese Film Festival In Canada

Coming back for a 7th edition is the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada that has actually already kicked off on June 3 and will continue on till June 8. Throughout the 6-day celebration, narrative-driven and unconventional Lebanese movies are positioned in the spotlight including the riveting drama “The Sons Of The Lord”, a movie starring Takla Chamoun that dives into the falsification of autopsy results.

Beyond the movies, the Lebanese Film Festival is also commemorating legendary figures in Lebanon’s cinematic industry including Lebanese star Toy Mehanna who has actually appeared in a variety of works including “The Chief of Merchants’ Daughter” (2015 ), and “The Dean” (2020 ). There are also a series of talks and workshops with industry experts consisting of a talk on June 5 with Tony Farjallah, distinguished Lebanese author, director and manufacturer who is the founder of Spirifilm, the Lebanese Film Academy (LFA), and the Lebanese Filmmaking Club (LFC).

With the celebrations continuing till June 8 and with events occurring outside celebration dates, there is a lot to participate in and see in the upcoming days. To get your tickets, you can head to evenbrite’s official page.

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