Bringing a taste of Ancient Egypt all the method to China, Chinese tourists can now experience the rich history of Egypt’s pyramids of Giza through Shanghai’s extremely own virtual tour, Horizon Of Khufu. Using a VR backpack and augmented reality headset, visitors immediately get teleported into a 45-minute experience whereContinue Reading

The long wait has lastly concerned an end! Ali Al-Qarni and Rayyanah Barnawi, who made headlines for being the first female Saudi astronaut, return home safely from their ten-day trip to the International Space Station on Wednesday, May 31st. After undocking from the orbiting lab, they parachuted from the SpaceXContinue Reading

Continuing its ingenious streak, the UAE is introducing the area’s first-ever robotic firemen, Wabel. This technological development is set to function as a helpful aid to the firefighting departments of the UAE. It will have the ability to gain access to hard-to-reach locations or take on harmful and physically demandingContinue Reading

As we’re nearly halfway through 2023, it’s worth looking at some of the products that are making waves worldwide. One pattern likely to continue is the increase of sustainable alternatives, with more customers looking for eco-friendly choices. With 5G networks ending up being more prevalent, we can anticipate even moreContinue Reading