Meet Wabel: The Middle East’s First Ever Robot Firefighter

Continuing its ingenious streak, the UAE is introducing the area’s first-ever robotic firemen, Wabel. This technological development is set to function as a helpful aid to the firefighting departments of the UAE. It will have the ability to gain access to hard-to-reach locations or take on harmful and physically demanding tasks that are considered too dangerous for a firefighter. These can include fires near oil and gas tanks as well as fires that consist of extremely combustible materials that can not be approached.

Knowing how fires can result in extreme damage to residential or commercial properties and centers as well as their capability to claim lives, robotic firefighting robots can minimize the risk by having them deployed in vital areas understood to have a high-fire threat. They can then be controlled from another location and instantly start firefighting operations. This will boost the safety levels of the centers in addition to aid to better secure people.

Geared up with six wise cameras, the robotic will offer each firemen a remote eye into the at-risk websites and provide the safety of making choices without being in direct exposure to the fire. It can likewise start operations even prior to the firefighters arrive on site using water jets with a water flow of 8,000 liters per minute.

Using this new technological development, the firefighting department will be able to work more efficiently while at the exact same time, increasing the overall safety of its group.

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