Experience Nature At Its Finest At Dubai’s New 10 Km Hiking Trail

Time to strike the great outdoors and enjoy a vigorous walk at Dubai’s new 10km hiking trail. Found in Dubai’s Mushrif National Park, the walking track is set to open on June 20 and will be open year-round, with several tracks suitable for everybody from newbies to seasoned hikers. At the park, there will be an 8.3 km yellow recreational and easy-to-follow path along with a 1.4 km orange trail produced hikers to practice their craft.

To make the walking easy on visitors, signposts will be hung throughout the path with directions. There will also be wooden stairways and bridges along with slopes so that visitors can have access to vantage points where they can get unobstructed views of Mushrif Park’s comprehensive tree-lined forest and diverse wildlife.

Beyond the new treking path, Mushrif National Park which spans over 5.25 square kilometers has a lot more to offer. The entire area is home to a five-kilometer walking, cycling and jogging track. There is likewise two 25-meter swimming pools along with basketball, beach ball, and handball courts. Not just that, but the park also uses a kids’s backyard in addition to train rides, an equestrian center, and camel riding.

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