Heartbreaks From The Region: Five Break-Up Stories With The Oddest Endings

Breaks up are difficult, no matter if you are the dumper or the dumpee; it’s an experience with its own share of drama and tears. That you’re not sitting there asking yourself, ‘why me?’ we are here to tell you that you are not alone with a few of these outrageous break up stories.

The Blocker à la Radwa Sherbiny Style

One time, I fell head over heels over a man who used to attend my health club and after dating for a bit, we right away got engaged. Throughout that time, I was able to catch a job as a lawyer in a popular firm in Cairo and was pretty good at it. Ever since then, my fiancé would come up to me and ask to borrow money, providing different reasons each time. There was even one time when he informed me that he had an emergency surgical treatment so I ended up transferring a big bulk to his bank account. Heard of the Tinder Swindler? Well, quick forward a couple of weeks, out of nowhere, he obstructed me and totally disappeared … I never got my cash or my heart back.

– Yasmine

The Fridge Conundrum

I had the cliché love story of getting engaged to my high school sweetheart. We had been together for 10 years and I always had the feeling that she was the one. Quick forward to the days leading up to our wedding which is when things took a sad and unforeseen turn. Picture this, my mum and her mum in the cooking area having a full fledged argument over which type of refrigerator we need to buy. It got so bad that our two mums couldn’t bear being in the very same room with each other for more than a minute. That is when we chose to call of the wedding event. Envision, a whole 10 year relationship ending over a fridge!

– Youssef

The Phone-Call

To my surprise, the way it ended was through a phone call and get this, my partner wasn’t the one on other end of the line. He rather had his pal call and break up with me and refused to get on the phone to talk it out.

– Mariam

The Wasted Plane Ticket

Cross country relationships are effort but my girlfriend and I made it work. For a while, I was conserving approximately buy an aircraft ticket to see her and the moment I saved up enough money for a ticket, I took a trip to Dubai. At the gate, instead of getting a hug, she simply stood there, arms dropped and said “we need to break up”. Thing is, the ticket was non-refundable so I wound up getting stuck in a foreign country, heartbroken and alone for a whole week.

– Fouad

The Best Friend

We had been dating for a couple of months and after that one day out of no place, he called me and said we need to talk. We fulfilled up at a restaurant and he right away raved how he has been dating me out of regret and how throughout our entire relationship, he was succumbing to my friend who get this … isn’t even single! That wasn’t completion of it though as he likewise decided to officially break up with me then and there.

— Nadine

No matter how it takes place, breaking up is not quite but a minimum of you can have convenience understanding that you’re not alone.

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