In The Land Of The Pharaohs: Box Office Hits Filmed In Egypt

Are you all set to check out the wonderful land of Egypt through the Lens of Hollywood? A few of the most renowned landmarks in the nation have been included in some of the greatest smash hits in the movie market. From the magical Sphinx to the stunning Nile River, Egypt has actually always been the ideal backdrop for a few of the most epic and extraordinary motion pictures of all time. Prepare to be transported to a world of mummies, pharaohs, and ancient gods as we look into Hollywood films shot in Egypt.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

If you’re a sucker for action-packed flicks and have a soft area for ancient Egypt, you definitely require to examine out the 2nd Transformers movie. Since this bad young boy is full of impressive scenes recorded right in the heart of Egypt.

The movie team really got special approval from the government to film around the pyramids, and they invested three entire days shooting in a top-secret place. The only problem? News of their existence quickly dripped out, and prior to you know it, everybody in Egypt was abuzz with enjoyment. The film also takes you on a wild trip through Luxor, with jaw-dropping scenes that’ll leave you breathless..

The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Did you know that our preferred British spy has been all over the world, including a journey to the land of the pharaohs? That’s right, in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, Roger Moore’s suave Bond jetted off to Egypt for some high-stakes espionage.Some of the scenes were actually recorded at the stunning Karnak Temple in Luxor.

Sean Connery’s Bond also made a trip to Egypt in Diamonds Are Forever. Regretfully, the Cairo casino scenes were really shot in a studio instead of in the genuine city. However hey, we’ll take what we can get when it comes to our favorite spy. So if you’re a fan of Bond and exotic areas, you got ta check out this movie. Simply picture yourself roaming through the ancient temples and bustling streets of Egypt, all while getting your adrenaline fix thanks to the one and only 007.

Malcolm X (1992)

The biographical film about civil rights activist and Muslim minister Malcolm X, is an effective representation of one of America’s many prominent figures. Starring Denzel Washington, this movie takes you on a journey through Malcolm X’s life, including a pivotal visit to Egypt. The film showcases some considerable minutes in Malcolm X’s life, including when he worshipped at the Mohamed Ali Mosque in Cairo. The movie also includes scenes portraying Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which were in fact shot in Egypt. But what actually sets this cinematic work of art apart is the special insight it provides into the life of Malcolm X and his connection to Egypt’s abundant culture and history. It’s the kind of movie that’ll leave you feeling influenced and moved, with a newfound gratitude for the power of activism..

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Calling all Marvel fans! Did you know that the 2007 film Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer includes scenes shot in none other than Egypt? That’s right, our preferred superheroes made a pit stop in this renowned nation throughout their legendary adventure. The film was shot in 14 different places, every one more spectacular than the last. If you’re a Marvel fan, you have to inspect this film out..

Cleopatra (1963)

If you’re a fan of traditional motion pictures, you should have a look at Cleopatra. Not only is it Elizabeth Taylor’s a lot of iconic movie, but it’s likewise the one that sparked her impressive love with future hubby Richard Burton. And get this: it nearly bankrupted the 20th Century Fox film studio, making it one of the most costly films ever made. Talk about high stakes!

The motion picture tells the tale of Cleopatra. The film was shot in various areas around the world, consisting of Italy, Spain, and Egypt. If you’re in the mood for a little bit of love, betrayal, and some major Hollywood extravagance, Cleopatra is the film for you.

Death on the Nile (1978)

If you’re a fan of murder mysteries, you’ve got ta see the original 1978 film adjustment of Agatha Christie’s traditional book. The movie is set and recorded in Egypt, with spectacular scenes that display some of the nation’s most iconic landmarks. Picture yourself wandering through the bustling streets of Cairo, gazing up at the marvelous Great Pyramids and Sphinx, and travelling down the Nile River past palm trees and sand dunes.

Land of the Pharaohs (1955)

If you’re looking for a cinematic journey back in time to the land of the pharaohs, you got ta check out the 1955 impressive movie, Land of the Pharaohs. Starring Jack Hawkins as the Pharaoh Khufu and Joan Collins as his shrewd 2nd other half Nellifer, this movie is a banquet for the eyes and the imagination. According to Warner Bros., one scene alone had a whopping 9,787 additionals!

As remarkable as the massive cast is, the genuine stars of the show are the shooting places. From the bustling city of Cairo to the serene appeal of Aswan, this movie takes you on a journey through some of Egypt’s most renowned landmarks.

The story itself is captivating, with a Pharaoh obsessed with the concept of a second life and his ruthless 2nd spouse. It’s the kind of tale that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning what’s going to occur next. So if you’re all set for a cinematic experience that’ll carry you back in time to the ancient world of Egypt, Land of the Pharaohs is the film for you.

Cairo Time (2009)

This movie informs the story of a woman on vacation in Cairo to satisfy her hubby, and her unexpected and passionate love affair with her husband’s buddy who accompanies her on her journey. what actually sets this movie apart is the spectacular visuals of Egypt’s a lot of iconic landmarks. From the Great Pyramids and Sphinx to the Khan El-Khalili Market in Cairo.

This motion picture likewise uses a fascinating portrayal of Egypt’s abundant culture and history. You’ll get a peek into the nation’s past and present, all while getting swept up in the chemistry in between the two lead characters. If you’re ready for a dose of romance, adventure, and spectacular landscapes, this motion picture is the ideal choice.

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