The Coolest & Most Unique Plants We Encountered At Cairo’s Flower Festival

Every year, plant enthusiasts and green thumbs gather at Orman Botanical Garden in Cairo, Egypt to witness the most significant festival committed to plants and flowers. Altering things up, this year, the same exhibit made a shift in place, heading off to the Agriculture Museum where the plants and flowers will be on display until June 27. During our journey we noticed more than a1000 kinds of plants and flowers.

The Ominous Flesh Eater

Raising the worry factor a couple of notches is a plant that hasn’t constantly had the finest associate as it’s understood for its stylish bite. Thing is, the flower festival is saving the plant’s rep by offering the kind of flesh eater that will show helpful in any household specifically with the quickly approaching warm summertime weather condition.

The Extravagant Bonasi

Some people like to live in opulence and luxury, choosing luxurious gardens with exceptional landscaping and floral plans. In addition to the affordable cacti plants and gardenia flowers, you can also discover the more expensive, rare varieties of plants that include a touch of high-end to any garden. Meet the Bonsai tree, known to lots of as the mini tree that is grown in a way which provides the impression of being a full-sized, fully grown tree. Understanding their pricey credibility, their rates vary from 7000 to 20,000 EGP. The older the tree, the more pricey it is, with some as old as 20 years.

The Echeveria Cactus

A great deal of individuals find cacti to be long and irritable, not the prettiest type of plant out there however when it pertains to the floral range, the impression can be quite different. Fulfill the echeveria cactus referred to as the lovely and fragile floral cactus with thick, fleshy leaves and appealing foliage. While at the flower celebration, we noticed a varied collection of echeveria cacti, from the large to the little and from the green to the purple. Most of them cost about 40 EGP and are considered easy to take care of.

The Twisted Bamboo

Beyond it getting eaten by the charming, furry animal known infamously as the huge panda, the bamboo plant is probably the most versatile plant around. Not only is it used to build homes, sew clothing however it is also utilized to make fashion jewelry. At Cairo’s flower celebration, we got to see the bamboo take on a whole new look. Standing tall where potted bamboo sticks twisted around each other with the leading half of the pot made from the leaves that grow from the bamboo. They likewise sell standalone bamboo sticks with costs varying from 70 to 100 EGP. If you are craving an unique addition to your house, the twisted bamboo is the method to go.

The Pink Coleus

Throughout our visit, there was one kind of plant that genuinely captured our eye because of the unconventional color of its leaves. Loud and striking, each of its leaves are hot pink in color with a brilliant green summary. Seeing them for the very first time, we believed they could easily belong on a foreign planet. They are referred to as Coleus and are searched for their attractive and colorful leaves. A lot of them have mottled entrusts to sahdes of green, yellow, red, orange, pink and purple. The plant is rather low upkeep and is the perfect purchase for gardening novices. They are also decently priced with one pot costing around 40 EGP.

With there still being more than 3 weeks left for the festival, there is still time for a visit. One recommendation is to ask the sellers how to look after your purchase. You can get your ticket at the entrance for 10 EGP and go to the celebration anytime between 9 am to 9 pm.

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