MindsAlike: All About Cairo’s Networking Event Highlighting Diverse Fields Under One Roof

On Tuesday, May 23, I got out of my convenience zone a bit … ok a lot by attending one of MindsAlike’s special social networking occasions. Altering locations with each occasion, their most current place happened at Cairo Jazz Club 610, upon entryway each guest is offered a name tag and the mingling begins.

With the DJ dropping beats, individuals getting drinks and finger food circulating, I felt a little relaxed and begun making my method around the different groups. What was interesting was the existence of folks from different fields with a heavy presence from the start up scene.

Through this round, I got to connect with professionals like filmmaker Dibo, Mohamed El Basouni co-founder of Tayarah in addition to Nira Shubo, the original owner of Four Fat Ladies in addition to interior designers and health specialists galore. Conversations and cooperations sprang from the different groups as creatives were forced to mingle with matches and artists talked motivation and future endeavours.

The occasion gives you the opportunity to get in touch with individuals of different fields under one roofing, where you may even find your next organization partner or a great quote to motivate next enthusiasm job.

Whether it’s start-ups or creatives, the occasion covered different topics and fields. MindsAlike is presently being performed in Cairo, Alexandria and Dubai, offering chances for varied people and demographics to link.

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