When Weddings Go Wrong: Unforgettable Stories Of Hilarious Mishaps

Knowing how much planning is involved in a wedding event, you ‘d expect the wedding to go on without a drawback. Thing is however, a lot of times, things take an unanticipated turn, introducing unanticipated accidents from wardrobe malfunctions to cake catastrophes. For a great laugh, let’s go through a few of the funniest stories we heard up until now from across the region.

The Pregnancy Conundrum

It was a best wedding event, everything was going really well without a drawback. Turns out, it was the bride-to-be’s sister who was 7-months pregnant and was going into labor. Let’s simply say, she made it to the medical facility and provided birth to a beautiful child boy.

The Swollen Eye Situation

Throughout my wedding day, I felt incredibly uncomfortable due to the fact that there was this one guest who I thought was winking at me. Every time I ‘d look at them, they would be straight-out winking at me. I didn’t want to cause any trouble however it was my wedding and I wanted to enjoy it so I informed my husband about the “winking” man. Seconds later on, I found my partner at the opposite of the hall, punching the life out of the male just to later on find that this whole time, he had a swollen eye from a severe allergic reaction.

The Bride That Was Left Behind

For my pal’s wedding, everybody was exceptionally busy, attempting to get everything prepared and all set for the huge day. She got left behind and ended up having to take an uber from Zamalek all the way to New Cairo.


The Stubborn Cake

Get this, for our wedding event, we went for a simple one-tiered cake to avoid the danger of any possible accidents. We employed one of the very best cake decorators in town and saved the cake in a special fridge. We took all the stops however when the special day arrived and it was time to draw out the cake, things took a turn for the worst. As the server was walking towards us, he wound up slipping on a cord, the cake flew from really end of the room and somehow arrived at my tux. I guess a cake catastrophe was in order no matter what we did.

The Bride With The Sore Throat

On my wedding event day, I woke up with a scratchy throat so I took some discomfort killers and drank a hot cup of lemon and honey. Let me inform you, I was wrong … From the moment the wedding began, I tossed up right after I strolled down the aisle with my papa.

All these stories may be marked by humorous incidents and unanticipated events but that does not eliminate from the special quality of a typical wedding. Let us understand if you had any funny incidents of your own throughout your wedding.

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